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ABOUT Mon Amie

Styled by Mon Amie, which means styled by my friend, was founded by Vani Castaneda, who's spent much of her life putting together stylish outfits by shopping her own closet and purchasing clothing and accessories on a budget. She realized she had a talent for fashion styling, as friends and family complimented her over the years on her ability to combine pieces and accessories as though her wardrobe were endless, yet that was far from the case.

Now, Vani offers her skilled eye for fashion to clients by providing personal styling services using pieces from their own collections, as well as wardrobe organization consulting, as she believes everyone deserves the opportunity to define their personal style and truly love how they look in their clothing.

"Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a professional who works outside the home, a teacher, trainer, baker, you name it - you can love how you present yourself. There is only one you. What does your style say about you?"

-Vani Castaneda, Founder, Styled by Mon Amie



Mini-makeover $50

Styled by Mon Amie will use pieces you own, to create 10 beautiful and flattering outfit combinations along with coordinating makeup and hairstyles, which will be styled and photographed for easy reference.

Ideal for: Those who have "nothing to wear" despite owning clothing, those who struggle to pair things or feel clothes don't flatter them, or those who love the confidence boost of a new outfit & would love that feeling from their own collection.


Seasonal Wardrobe Styling $100

Styled by Mon Amie will use pieces you own, to create 20-25 beautiful and flattering outfit combinations for the current season which will be styled and photographed for easy reference.

Ideal for: Those who feel the temptation to shop for new clothes when the seasons change, or would just like a skilled eye to help them make the most of their current wardrobe.


Wardrobe Optimization (aka I'll organize your closet like you've never seen it before!) $125

Styled by Mon Amie will organize and optimize your entire wardrobe (clothing, shoes and accessories) to create a visually pleasing and easy-to-browse selection that makes choosing outfits and dressing each day a pleasurable experience.

Ideal for: People with overwhelming closets, those who are bored with their wardrobe, or those who love organization, but have limited time to make it happen.


The Stylish Combo $165

Enjoy both the Mini-makeover and Wardrobe Optimization plus a $10 discount when you buy both services together.


The Whole Style Shebang $210

Enjoy the ultimate package featuring Wardrobe Optimization and Seasonal Wardrobe Styling, plus a $15 discount for buying both services together.


To purchase a service package, simply email and request your desired service package. You'll receive an invoice and booking instructions shortly.

Styled by Mon Amie offers a 10% discount when you and a friend book and pay for services together!

Real people, real closets

What people are saying

Vani opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities, that had been hiding right in my closet all along!
— Natali Carrera
Vani dared me to try new things and colors - and completely changed my wardrobe! Thanks to her I feel confident in myself and what I wear.
— Maria Soto
She is my inspiration and has helped me to embrace color. She has helped me to realize that no matter what size you are, you can still be cute!
— Sandra Martinez
Vani has inspired me and helped me find the confidence to try new styles. She gives you ideas to mix and match your wardrobe, to have fun with accessories and she leaves you feeling great about yourself.
— Eileen Ramos

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Looking to get organized?

Wardrobe optimization is a collaborative process in which Styled by Mon Amie helps you de-clutter and reorganize your personal wardrobe, so that you can easily find and wear what you love, and part ways with what you don't. The end result is a collection of clothing that helps you to dress and feel your best each and every day.

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Looking for personal styling?

Whether your wardrobe is simple or extravagant, if creating outfits isn't a skill that comes naturally to you, you may find yourself wearing the same basic items again and again. Personal styling by Mon Amie takes the items in your wardrobe, and turns them into outfits that work for your lifestyle, and make you look and feel your fashionable best.

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